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Women's Health

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Women's Health

Women's Health services offered in Grand Prairie, TX

Women have distinct health issues because of their reproductive organs. At A.L.M.S Community Health Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, Sharan Allen, AGNP-C, and the team specialize in managing women’s health. They care for your general health as well as any acute or chronic health issues. For patient-centered women’s health care from an experienced team, call the office or book an appointment online today. Telemedicine appointments are available for your convenience.

Women's Health Q&A

What is women’s health?

Women’s health is an area of medicine specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating health issues affecting women. 

A.L.M.S Community Health Center features a team of family medicine providers that have advanced training in managing women’s health needs.

The community-based health center aims to provide comprehensive care to their underserved communities, offering affordable membership-based services. 

What are women’s health services?

A.L.M.S Community Health Center provides comprehensive health care for women. Some of the women’s health services include:

Physical exams

Physical exams provide valuable information about your current health. The team at A.L.M.S Community Health Center recommends you come in every year for your annual physical so they can monitor your health over time and find health issues before they turn into problems.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine focuses on helping you create a lifestyle that prevents or delays disease. The team at A.L.M.S Community Health Center works closely with you, developing a wellness plan that keeps you healthy.

Chronic disease management

The primary care providers at A.L.M.S Community Health Center specialize in chronic disease management, providing you with the prescriptions, education, and support you need to manage your chronic illness.

Weight management

Weight management is a service the team at A.L.M.S Community Health Center provides to help you get to a healthy weight and stay there.

Sick care

A.L.M.S Community Health Center also has appointments to manage unexpected illnesses and health issues. 

Family planning

Family planning is an integral part of women’s health, helping you stay in control of your body and health. The team can talk to you about your birth control options to prevent unintended pregnancies.

What can I expect during a women’s health appointment?

You can expect patient-centered care during your women’s health appointment at A.L.M.S Community Health Center. The team listens intently to your concerns and asks detailed questions to fully understand your health.

They perform a physical exam, run lab work, talk to you about your health, and make recommendations to manage or prevent illness.

To schedule your women’s health consultation, call A.L.M.S Community Health Center or book an appointment online today. 

We offer treatment for weight management, weight loss, family medicine, women's health and more. 

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